Enemy Territory Songs

Chris Baier aka Stockenfels:


I wrote my first song "Enemy Territory Song" in 2007 for the Game "Enemy Territory!" This song is only in German speak . After 4000 Downloads of that song, I wrote " ET forever" in 2008. This song has 7000 downloads so far after 5 years. In 2009 I wrote the song "The Last ET Song" together with my friends Bezerkr(Wolfmap.de) and TGS.Ha$$.


I  founded the ET Clans:



-Stockenfels Fun Server

Playername: (S.FS)Shit



-Deep Pain

Playername: <dp>Dynamit3




Playername: {free}Accept



-The German Server

Playername: TGS.AccepT


Now iam only play et

sometimes for fun. 



"Enemy Territory Song"

Song from 2007, Video from 2007 

"Et Forever Song"

Song from 2008, Video from 2013 

"The Last Enemy Territory Song"

Song from 2009, Video from 2010 

May 2009:

Recording session for "the last ET Song"  




-<dp>Ste!n3r aka TGS.Ha$$ 

-Bezerkr (Wolfmap.de)



My friend "TGS.Ha$$" aka "<dp>Ste!n3r" 


R.I.P 18.11.2009 +




Recording session for our old

Clanvideo "<dp> deep pain"


Old Clanintro from 2006